Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just wanted to jump on here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021 🙂

Lots of love



Three ways to give back this Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving so why not extend that festive giving spirit to the less fortunate this Christmas after a difficult year for us all. Every year I try and give back a little something and this year I’m extremely fortunate to still have a full time job, my home, my family friends and horses so I will be giving a little extra wherever I can. If this is something that you are interested in then see below some ways you can give back and spread the love.

My boys getting into the festive spirit 🙂

1. Food and Clothes Donations

A very simple and easy one! Whilst many of us are buying new clothes for Christmas celebrations, to update our AW wardrobes or have even asked for new clothes for Christmas, there is not better time than now to clear out our wardrobes and instead of throwing away or selling our clothes, bag them up and drop them off to some local charity shops. You have no idea how much difference it will make to someone’s life and I love the thought of someone recreating or improving outfits from my old items! (Also so much better for the environment than throwing away!) I know we always ‘need’ more money so we jump on Depop, EBay or Instagram to sell our old items but just this month instead of doing that, google or call your local charity shops or nearest clothes banks and ask them their drop off times. You have no idea how much it will help someone else.

Food too. Why not pick up a few extra cans of food, extra carton of milk, another box of festive chocolates or some toiletries when you do your next food shop and drop them off at your local food drive/bank. A few extra items is really nothing to us considering the huge amount we spend on our Christmas meals/treats/accessories/decorations etc and it changes the world for someone else. Many people are struggling to get food on the table this year so if I can make a difference by spending an extra £5-£10 on my weekly food shop then I will sleep soundly at night knowing I’ve taken a tiny bit of stress off someone’s shoulders. Google search some local food banks/donations or hop onto Kent County Council website and search for your nearest food banks you will be surprised at how close one will be to you (I have one a few roads down from me so no excuses for anyone)

2. Shop Small and Shop Local

Small and local owned businesses have been hit HARD this year, VERY hard. They really need the extra support and money from customers to keep themselves afloat especially after two lockdowns. Why not buy all your gifts from small local businesses because even something as small as £5 is huge to them. This also goes for Christmas decorations, wreaths especially, there are so many local florists doing beautiful wreaths and table centrepieces instead of buying yours from a big company/chain switch to a local shop and help someone out.

3. Gift Donations

I’m very big on this! Every year there are many charities that ask for donations (monetary or physical gifts) to donate to lower income families. I buy an extra gift or two when doing my Christmas shopping and donate these so that families who are struggling more than I am can give their babies a magical Christmas. It’s been a difficult year for everyone this year but a lot of people have suffered harder than I have (I am fully away how fortunate I am and I have not had a difficult year at all compared to others) so if I am able to make even the smallest difference to another family then I have succeeded in spreading the love this Christmas. Christmas is all about giving so why not extend that to others outside of our family and friendship groups. It’s very easy to forget how much we spoil our friends and families and I’ve seen a lot online about children and parents feeling very sad or naughty when their friends at school receive gifts from ‘Santa’ like iPads and iPhones which not all parents can afford. Heart Radio do a yearly ‘Donate a Gift Under the Giving Tree’ at Bluewater and I always drop off a gift. Google local Christmas gift donations and again, you’d be surprised at how many there are and how close they are to you!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, it’s a little different but I love giving this time of year and thought I’d spread the love and giving spirit 🙂


How I’m celebrating Christmas this year!

My mini tree (DW our living room tree is a LOT more extravagant – this is just for my bedroom ;))

Hohoho! It’s finally December everyone’s favourite time of the year! After a long and difficult year for many, everyone is looking forward to some celebrations, seasonal food and treats and spending time with their families and friends! Unfortunately, some of us are still in lockdown, stuck in tier 3 or won’t be able to be with loved ones this Christmas and need some Christmas cheer and some fun seasonal activities to lift our spirits so I’ve decided to share with you what I’ll be doing to celebrate Christmas!!

1. Christmas Baking

This is one of, if not, my favourite thing to do! There is SO much you can bake for Christmas and nothing tastes better (or sweeter) than making it yourself. Gingerbread men, Christmas crack, mince pies, mulled wine – all recipes I am going to be making this year so stay tuned 😉

2. Christmas Tree Shopping

Such a fun and festive activity picking out your tree! Go visit your local Christmas tree farm and take your time wondering around looking at all the different trees, big, small, full, shedding. Nothing is more fun than bringing it home and decorating it with your family. Gets you out the house and also brings you together 🙂

3. Christmas movie marathon

Get some treats, wack your Christmas pj’s on, snuggle up with a drink and have a movie marathon! Watch a different Christmas movie every night or have a movie day Sunday, take your pick and enjoy! Who doesn’t love Elf (actually the best Christmas movie EVER), The Polar Express, The Grinch, Noelle, Home Alone gosh the list goes on and truly is a great way to get into the festive spirit.

4. Christmas Pj’s

If this isn’t a tradition then I don’t know what you’re doing haha. I can safely say that EVERYONE buys a new set of Christmas pj’s every year whether they are cosy, sexy, cute etc it’s got to be done and I am so for this. I got myself a Grinch set from Primark before lockdown #2 in the UK and I am obsessed with them!

5. National Trust and Christmas Light shows

Due to Covid a lot of big Christmas events have been cancelled so why not try more local places for some outdoor ice skating or a National Trust. Bedgebury have a Christmas Light display, London have their Christmas lights up (and free to walk around!) or head over to your local National Trust they always have little events to get you into the festive spirit just make sure to book ahead of time due to Covid!

6. Festive walks

Wrap up warm and get those wellies on it’s time for a walk! Grab a coffee or hot choc (so many places are doing take away drinks) to keep yourself warm and head to your local park, woods, fields. Every December my family and I always make the effort to get out for a walk together and spend some quality time with each other before the Christmas festivities begin and I love it! It’s the perfect Sunday activity (weather permitting of course)

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Hello October! How to celebrate Halloween this year.

I know we’re already a few weeks into October but hello October! Spooky month, my favourite!! So far, weather permitted, I’ve had my share of Pumpkin Picking, Autumnal walks, Drive-In cinema and some pumpkin baking!

Due to current pandemic restrictions in place, you might be wondering what you can do to celebrate spooky month or how to keep yourself busy, I’ve written out a list of my favourite Halloween activities that I will be doing and I’ve tweaked a little to follow current guidelines. Enjoy 😉

  1. Pumpkin Picking

An absolute favourite of mine! Hands down the best Halloween activity, find a local PYO / Pumpkin Patch (whichever saying floats your boat) and pick out your pumpkins for the season. My boyfriend and I always go all out with these, we each have a pumpkin to carve for Halloween Night, some mini ones for decorations and not forgetting, we pick the best ones for eating. Soups, pies, cupcakes – you name it, we LOVE pumpkin and this is the best time for it so we love to spend a little more on some great ones we know will be delicious in a soup or pie or even to roast!

PYO 2020
PYO 2019
  • Halloween Baking

Following on from Pumpkin Picking, Halloween baking! Use the insides of the pumpkins you’ve picked out from the PYO for some pumpkin bread/cupcakes/pie or for some delicious soup or pasta sauce! Putting the pumpkins aside, Halloween sugar cookies, toffee apples, some ‘scary’ cupcakes etc lots of ideas to keep you busy on a rainy day! Check out my recipe page for some ideas 😉

  • Decorate the house

This is so fun! I do this every October 1st to get myself in the spooky/fall spirit J Mini pumpkins, autumn wreaths, fake cobwebs, hanging skeletons etc Amazon, Home Bargains, Homesense, B&M – you name it – nowhere is short of spooky decor. Get creative in your living room, hallway, dining area/table, bedroom it’s fun to get into the spirit with a little extra decor.

  • Dress up / Make up

This is a yearly tradition for us. Every year my boyfriend and I dress up or paint our faces with something new (I do have to force him a little haha) but it’s a super fun way to get creative, try things out and dress up as a favourite movie character or something scary etc. I am in no way a make up artist or good at face paint so don’t let that stop you! I just find a photo of what I want and try my best to recreate haha.

Halloween 2019
  • Watch a scary film or Drive-In cinema

Scary (or not) movie marathon! There is a HUGE range of Halloween movies, some scary for those of you who love a thrill (like me) and some kid friendly for those who don’t like things that go bump in the night 😉 Grab some blankets, pillows, candles, popcorn and get cosy whether you’re at home or you have a local drive in cinema near you! We decided to go to our local drive in cinema the other week, put the back seats down and made ourselves at cosy as possible in the boot with some snacks! HIGHLY recommend!

  • Pumpkin Carving / Pumpkin Carving Party

Eeeeeee, it would not be Halloween without carving the pumpkins you choose so carefully at the pumpkin patch! Get a Halloween playlist on, dress up (or down) and get carving! There are so many designs you can go for, I love switching it up every year and testing my carving skills haha. If you’ve not got any plans for Halloween this year, why not invite some friends over and make a party of it? Drinks, music, snacks and carving – what more could you want?

Halloween 2018
Halloween 2019
  • Halloween Cocktail Making Party ( adults only )

This one is an addition from the above Pumpkin Carving Party J Why not Pinterest some Halloween cocktails and try making your own with friends? Nothing better than a little boozy punch 😉

Hope you all got a little something out of this blog post and you all have a Happy Halloween 😉


Popping the Cherry!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post…finally popping my cherry haha. This first post is really to introduce myself to you all and get into the swing of things. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for so long and never had the courage to do so and lately I’ve been thinking there is no better time than the present.

So here I am, 25, working full time as a surveyor and studying part time whilst trying to juggle two horses, a boyfriend, a social life and my sanity haha.

This is my blog about all the important things in my life and I hope you can all smile whilst reading along with me.